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About Green Outdoor Specialists

Our company provides roof, wall and yard cleaning and coating services. We work with residential customers across London and surrounding areas. We provide a quality, professional and an eco-friendly cleaning and coating services at a highly competitive rate. We are conscious about the environment and our aim is to impact less the environment with our work ethic.
Roof cleaning
Your frontyard and backyard are exposed 24h/24h and 7days/7 days to the elements like sunlights, rain, snow, extreme of temperatures, wind, debris and pollutions.
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Wall cleaning
Your walls are exposed 24/7 to nature elements like sunlight, rain, snow, variety of temperatures, wind, debris and pollution. We provide wall cleaning, repairing and coating services.
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Yard cleaning
Your frontyard and backyard are  exposed 24h/24h and 7days/7 days to the elements like sunlights, rain, snow, extreme of temperatures, wind, debris and pollutions.
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By protecting the environment, we protect our future.
We provide outdoor cleaning services without unnecessary chemical waste.

What do we use to clean and why?

Water pressure

Hydro washing is important, because it removes old and layered peeling paint coatings and mold and mildew that has developed due to weather conditions. It exposes a lot of defects ie cracks, bad plaster and damp which is disguised by old paint. It removes chemicals, oils and other elements that adhere to surfaces, it removes dirt and mold which over time can erode building materials. It removes moss, fungus, algae and acid birds droppings.

Our experienced technicians will know when to use high pressure and when to turn down the nozzle. They rely on the right amount of pressure, and good cleaning to get the job done. Which will result in your home looking thoroughly clean and undamaged.

Why Pressure Jets get Things Cleaner?

The water molecules have a bit of an electrical polarity, the one end is positively charged and the other end is negatively charged, this is the reason it sticks to things. Our company doesn’t use detergents to breakdown biological component like moss, fungus, or pollution etc . We are using high pressure cleaning. It get things cleaner without unnecessary chemical waste.

High pressure cleaning uses a very narrow jet of hot or cold water blast the tough dirt away. The water is travelling very fast, it hits the dirty surface with a high kinetic energy, knocking dirt and dust away like a constant rain of tiny hammer blows. It won’t damage your surface, even though it boasts a great amount of pressure, it’s still only water, and is therefore kind to most hard surfaces.

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