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You roof is as most important part of your home as the walls of your house . Your roof is  exposed 24h/24h and 7days/7 days to the elements like sunlights, rain, snow, extreme of temperatures, wind, debris and pollutions.

Moss between and under the tiles  expand when frozen, causing movement. Weakened tiles are also brittle, so movement can cause them to fracture quite easily causing potential leaks.

With a heavy downpour of rain, moss growing on the roof can dislodge falling into your guttering,

restricting the flow of water and blocking down pipes and drains. Rain water from overflowing gutters can get into the eaves causing damp and mold, and the soffits can also rot.

Roof Cleaning

We carefully move your plant pots and garden furniture out of the working area We lay tarpaulins down to keep your property clean and tidy.
Down pipes will be disconnected so they don't become blocked with debris.
Your entire roof will be professionally cleaned to remove all moss, fungus, lichen and algae.

Roof repairing

Once the roof is clean, we carry out any remedial work required to completely restore your roof. Ridge and hip tiles will be re-pointed where necessary. Any cracked, broken, missing or suspect tiles will be replaced with new matching tiles.

Roof coating

Once your roof is cleaned and repaired. We apply +Pinta coating product to protect your roof from all the elements.
+Pinta product is an engineering coating product on a molecular level who resist weather influences caused by rain, frost and sun. +Pinta product is water repellent surface and anti moss, fungus .
Your roof will not only be cleaned, but totally restored and protected for many years to come.

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