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Your walls are exposed 24h/24h and 7days/7 days to the elements like sunlights, rain, snow, extreme of temperatures, wind, debris and pollutions.

All these elements can weakened the structure of your house and the isulation.

Overtime, your outdoor walls can become stained by oil, paint, graffiti, or contain weeds and other biological matter growing on their surface. This can leave your walls to look worn out and unsightly. Brick cleaning is often a slow, tricky and difficult process especially if you do not own specialised brick cleaning equipment

Our professional technicians are qualified in cleaning stone walls and removing graffiti from brick walls and stone walls. It can be very difficult for you to clean brick and stone without the right equipment . Not only that but the whole process could take significantly longer without the correct cleaning materials such as jet washing or high pressure steam equipment.

Walls cleaning

We carefully move your plant pots and garden furniture out of the working area We lay tarpaulins down to keep your property clean and tidy.

Down pipes will be disconnected so they don't become blocked with debris.

Our professional qualified technician clean slowly and safely your walls.

Walls repairing

Once your walls are cleaned, any cracked, broken, missing bites of your walls will be repaired and painted.

Walls coatings

Once your walls are cleaned and repaired. We apply +Pinta coating product to protect your surfaces from all the elements like sunlights, rain, snow, extreme of temperatures, wind, debris, oils and pollutions.

+Pinta product is an engineering coating product on a molecular level who resist weather influences caused by rain, frost and sun. +Pinta product is water repellent surface and anti moss, fungus.

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